Planet Snow Tools is the result of Boardercross champion/welder genius/skater/workaholic (Ryan Neptune) meets snowboard terrain enhancement wizard/annoying perfectionist dude (Pat Malendoski).

The pair began working together on major snowboarding events and found that just no ordinary shovel would do the job. So they set to develop a line of tools that they and other terrain builders could use.

After 3 years of research and development the guys are convinced that the quality stainless steel and aluminum tools designed and manufactured by Planet Snow Tools are the best tools on the market for jump building and resort maintenance. They stand by this claim with an unconditionial guarantee for the life of the product against all manufacturer's defects.

The shovels, rakes and tranny shovels are modular and compact so they are also ideal for backcountry photoshoots. Planet Snow Tools has gained a solid reputation for its innovative, quality products. The products are now used by most of the top event organizers (US Grand Prix Tour, the US Open, the Nippon Open, The Session, Motorola Swatch Tour, Bud Light Tour, Winter Gravity Games, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Windells Snowboard Camp) and many mountain resorts in the US and Japan.

The product line includes a line of Snow Shovels, Work Benches, Boardercross Start Gates, Display Racks, Snowpark Rails and Display Cases. The complete line can be viewed at

Planet Snow Tools
3200 Mountain View Dr.
Boise, Idaho 83704
Tel: (208) 321-WELD

Modular rake hard at work.